Organ Lutheran Church

About Our Church

Organ Lutheran Church is the oldest Lutheran Church in the state of North Carolina. Organ Lutheran has a long and storied past of service to God here in North Carolina. Though we have a long history, Organ Church is very much focused on the future. Not resting on our laurels but pressing forward in the name of Christ Jesus.

​It is a member of the North American Lutheran Church (NALC) the fastest growing church body in North America, bringing more than 100,000 Lutherans together in nearly 400 congregations throughout the US and Canada; as part of the NALC Organ Church is united with Lutherans in both North and South Carolina through the Carolina’s Mission District. The NALC and its member congregations stand boldly in the center of theological Lutheranism in North America and the world.

The family of Organ Lutheran stands on the authority of the Bible as God’s inspired Word for all of humanity. As such we believe all doctrine must be judged by the teaching of scripture, as stated in the Lutheran Confessions.

Organ is centered in the Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ and focused on missions starting in our own community and throughout the world. Our foundation lies in the traditions of the Christian church from its inception, however, are eyes look forward in discipleship to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ locally and beyond.