Supporting the Community

Luther League Youth Ministry

Middle school and high school age youth study, play, and work for the Kingdom of God. Our youth are valued and active here at Organ Lutheran Church. Our goal is to have the best youth program in Rowan County.

OKFC (Organ Kids for Christ)

Children in kindergarten-fifth grade. OKFC is active and fun. The children learn Christian values and play hard; doing activities here on campus and on field trips.

Children’s Church

Meets each week during 10:30 am worship. Gives children a worship service that they can relate with, all while learning of God and having fun.

O-WINGS (Organ Women in God’s Service)

We are composed of three groups that meet monthly with, either, a program, devotional or Bible study and a helping hands group that assists with special projects bringing our total membership to 94. Within these groups there are 9 subgroups, which consist of the following committees:
Widow’s Banquet, Shut-In Baskets, Lutheran Home Devotions, Mother-Daughter Banquet, Chrismon Tree Decoration, Mission Retreat, Christmas Fellowship, Funeral Meals, and Compassionate Friends. We have several Ladies Fun Outings
each year which have included: The Southern Christmas Show, and a Tea Party.

OMG’s (Organ Men’s Group)

Meets every third Thursday of each month. The men fellowship together and work on both community and internal church projects.


Organ Church has a variety of music ministries; including, adult and children’s choirs.

Senior’s Ministry

Our senior’s stay very active meeting the first Tuesday of each month and host a wide array of programs and trips.

​​Faith Community Health Ministry

The Faith Community Health Ministry affiliated with Carolinas HealthCare serves as an outreach through partnerships with places of worship. Through education, encouragement, and increased access to healthcare, the Faith Community Health Ministry fosters better health and wellness for all members, young and old.

Organ Community Outreach Ministries

The Organ Community Outreach Ministry is our own local food pantry and clothing closet. This local mission work is run by our O-Wings ladies ministry. Each week the food pantry and clothing closet supply donated food and clothes many in our local community who are in need. An additional ministry under this heading is the Food for Thought Program. This ministry fills book-bags with a nutritious meals for food challenged children identified by the local elementary school.

Lay Ministry Team

This is a group of individuals who sense a call from the spirit to help with visitation, communion distribution and seek to work as pastoral helpers of the senior pastor.

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